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Consolidated sectors

to guarantee competitive advantage

The numerous quantity of metal components used in the construction and installation of elevator systems, makes this sector one of the most important in terms of produced volumes.

MOTORCYCLE AND AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. The attention given to aesthetics and a search for perfection, so typical of this sector, constantly put the validity of its customers to the test, as far as quality is concerned. Each project combines: innovation, search for new materials, surface finishes increasing more resistance to external agents and extreme situations.

ELECTRICAL SECTOR. All metal parts, small assembling components and products made by metal sheet processing are used in a multitude of applications.

GARDENING. It has a strategic role in current and future planning of the company, particularly for the industrial uses in this sector.

FITNESS. The elements obtained from processed sheet metal constitute the key asset for companies who aim to supply top quality and long-lasting products to this sector market.

VENDING. The vending machine market continues to grow; we collaborate in the realisation of these machines, supplying accessories with a service which is able to meet the demands of qualitative production chains.

FURNITURE. A sector which uses a huge variety of materials, where sheet metal is used as a jointing element between various components.

WHITE GOODS. It mainly uses sheet metal processed both internally and externally.

MECHANICAL. Generally speaking, the mechanical sector has a variety of forms and largely uses metal elements obtained by simple laser cutting or shearing and folding processes, and as complex elements

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